Personal Trainer in Medway, Dan
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Meet Personal Trainer Dan

I’ve been a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer for the last 3 years and qualified through NASM Premier Global. I decided to become a Personal Trainer to pursue a career in something I am passionate about in fitness. I primarily enjoy football as my main sport but have done bits of boxing too so do focus on a lot of cardio and agility training. My aim to help people begin their journey in fitness and put the foundations in place to work and progress towards your goals.

No matter your gender identity or how you identify, I offer a transparent and sincere personal training and fitness program tailored to your unique requirements.


I am based at the Rochester Health Club. However, I also provide personal training sessions throughout the Medway towns to clients in their own homes, as well as outdoor sessions.


1:1 coaching – starting from £80 per month

2:1 coaching – starting from £56 per month 

*Pricing depends on your fitness requirements and how many sessions you need.

Contact me for a personalised free & no obligation quote.

Why Get A Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer in Medway is a transformative decision that can significantly enhance your fitness journey. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider working with a Personal Trainer. 

When working with me, I promise to provide:

  1. Expert Guidance: As a Personal Trainer, I am a certified professional with in-depth knowledge of exercise, nutrition, and fitness principles. I design customised workout plans tailored to your goals, ensuring that you train effectively and safely.

  2. Motivation and Accountability: It’s easy to skip workouts or lose motivation when exercising solo. As a personal trainer, I provide the motivation and accountability you need to stay on track. I will push you to reach your potential and I will celebrate your achievements with you along the way.

  3. Efficiency: Personal trainers optimise your workouts for efficiency. I will help you avoid wasted time on ineffective exercises and focus on those that deliver the best results. This means you’ll achieve your fitness goals faster.

  4. Variety and Fun: Personal trainers keep your workouts fresh and exciting. I will introduce new exercises and techniques to prevent boredom and plateaus, ensuring that you stay engaged and eager to exercise.

  5. Injury Prevention: With my guidance, you’ll learn proper form and technique, reducing the risk of injury. I can also work around any existing injuries or physical limitations to help you train safely.

Investing in a personal trainer in Medway is an investment in your health and fitness. My expertise, motivation, and personalised approach can make a significant difference in achieving your fitness goals. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me, your qualified personal trainer in Medway, to start your transformative fitness journey.

Find me on Instagram: @nelson_fitnesspt

Combining Exercise With Massage

Combining exercise with regular massage treatments is essential for holistic well-being. Exercise strains muscles, leading to tension and tightness. Regular massages alleviate this muscle tension, enhancing flexibility and reducing the risk of injury. Massages also improve circulation, helping the body recover faster post-workout. They also aid in stress reduction, promoting mental and physical relaxation, which is crucial for optimal exercise performance.

Consistent massages promote a strong mind-body connection, ensuring that your fitness journey is not just physically rewarding but also emotionally satisfying. By integrating exercise and massage, you achieve a harmonious balance that supports your overall health and fitness goals.

Incorporating deep tissue massage into your fitness routine offers additional advantages for alleviating tired muscles before and after exercise. Before a workout, a deep tissue massage can target specific muscle groups, loosening knots and reducing muscle stiffness. This preparation primes your muscles for optimal performance, enhancing flexibility and range of motion.

Post-exercise, a deep tissue massage aids in muscle recovery. It helps disperse lactic acid buildup, a common contributor to post-workout soreness. By increasing blood flow to the treated areas, it accelerates the healing process and reduces inflammation. This ensures a quicker recovery between workouts and minimises the risk of overuse injuries.