Oncology Cancer Massage In Medway

Are you looking for Oncology Cancer Massage in Medway? You have found the right therapists to help. At Reflections Massage and Wellbeing, we are proud to serve clients who are living with cancer.

Benefits of Oncology Cancer Massage

Oncology massage can do wonders for the mind, body and soul. Through the use of touch therapy, we help with the symptoms of cancer and side effects of treatment.

The research is young, but oncology massage may help with pain, cancer-related fatigue, anxiety, and quality of life. It also meets evidence-based guidelines for aiding in the relief of depression and mood disorders in women with breast cancer. Massage may also play a role in the prevention of neuropathic pain related to chemotherapy drugs such as Taxol.

Suiting Your Needs At The Right Time

There are potential risks, such as infection, bruising, and skin breakdown, as well as reasons an oncology massage should not be performed, such as if blood clots are present, or if your platelet count is very low. Therefore, we work with you to fit in a massage that is going to complement and not interfere with your oncology treatment timeline. 

Utmost Care

At Reflections, we will ensure your Oncology Massage treatment is met with the utmost care and respect. You will be covered at all times with a comfortable and cosy waffle blanket. Taking in the beautiful sounds of the relaxation music and stunning lighting effects, you will be able to drift into a whole new world, free from the stresses life brings. 

Depending on your oncology treatment process, you will either lay comfortably on your front, side or back. Cushions will be placed under your head, knees or if laying on your side you will cuddle a cushion for added comfort and balance. 

You need worry about anything at all, as your fully trained massage therapist will take care of everything for you. 

Find out more on oncology complementary massages via Cancer Research UK.

Duration: 60 minutes   Price: £40.00 mobile only 

Compared to other treatments offered by Reflections, oncology cancer massage in Medway is subsidised by £5.00, for those living with cancer who wish to have a massage treatment. 

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