Fertility Massage in Medway

If you are looking for a fertility massage in Medway, you have come to the right place. Enjoy a deeply relaxing fertility massage experience at either the Chapter Spa, located in Watling Street, Gilllingham. Alternatively, your massage therapist will come to you, so you can enjoy your treatment in the comfort of your own home. 

Trying to conceive can be both an exciting but also incredibly challenging time. Whether you are trying naturally or via the use of fertility treatment such as IVF, a Fertility Massage can do wonders for your mind, body and soul. 

The aim of a fertility massage is to improve circulation to the reproductive organs. As well as relax the nervous system, relieve stress and promote overall wellbeing. 

What To Expect When Having A Fertility Massage

First of all, your therapist will complete a client consultation. This can be quite in-depth, as your therapist will need to fully understand where you are in your cycle. Further information will be acquired as to whether or not you are receiving any form of fertility treatment. This is for your own health and safety, but also for your therapist to really tailor the massage treatment to your specific needs. 

The therapist will then leave the room, so that you can de-robe and get yourself comfortable on the massage table. 

For clients going through fertility treatment such as IVF, you will lay comfortably on your side. A pillow will be placed under your head and also between your knees for additional support. Laying on the side makes the treatment much more relaxing and ensures that your tummy, legs or bottom are not made sore. We all know those injections can take their toll on the body. If you are having injections elsewhere, such as on your thighs, please let your therapist know. 

The Treatment

Your therapist will work one side of your back, neck, shoulders, head and arms first. Before then moving to your legs and feet. 

Half way through your massage, you will then be asked to sit up before laying the other way, in order for the therapist to work your other side. 

A fertility massage includes various massage movements to the abdomen. Your therapist will talk you through certain movements, so that you may continue fertility massage yourself. 

Please Remember…

 A fertility massage is not guaranteed to help get you pregnant. What it can do is promote blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, which helps with reproductive functions. 

Studies show that ladies struggling with their fertility or going through fertility treatment, are often at an increased risk of developing stress and anxiety. A gentle and relaxing fertility massage will help to relieve the tension and help you to unwind. 

Research shows a relationship between women trying to conceive for a long time and the hormone cortisol being elevated. By having a fertility massage, you should feel very relaxed and therefore your cortisol level should naturally lower. This in turn helps with oestradiol production, which is a female hormone necessary to maintain the reproductive system. 


Q. I suffer with PCOS / Endometriosis – can I still have a fertility massage?

A. Yes, this is a very gentle and relaxing massage therapy treatment. It is therefore highly unlikely that this form of massage will cause any harm. 

The massage medium used will be certified organic Grapeseed Oil, which is very natural and does not contain any nasty chemicals. This therefore means that the massage medium used, as well as the massage techniques used should not have any impact on negatively affecting your hormones. 

Duration – 60 minutes          Price – £45.00 mobile / not available at the salon

fertility massage
fertility massage
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